Covid 19 Pandemic Encourages A Rapid Transformation Process To Become A Technology Based Company

Crown Group Founder and CEO, Iwan Sunito



Australia’s leading developer company, Crown Group, provides the latest information updates regarding its views on global companies that are starting to adapt technology during the global pandemic Covid-19. Crown Group Founder and CEO, Iwan Sunito, expressed his views on the transformation that has taken place in companies around the World in the last three months.

“Current conditions have forced many companies to carry out the transformation process to become technology-based companies.The lack of opportunities to interact normally has led to new gaps in the need for or dependence on technology. Technology adaptation is a necessity to present new experiences for consumers . And please keep in mind that there is always an opportunity to develop in every crisis that occurs, which leads to the birth of an innovation ,” said Iwan Sunito.


Iwan, who is an alumnae of UNSW also explained that Crown Group as one of the largest private companies in Australia has always been adapting technology, but even more so in the past to create a new experience for property buyers and hotel guests. “We have succeeded in creating a stunning 360-degree videos for our main developments and Skye Suites hotels, including Mastery by Crown Group and Waterfall by Crown Group. Aside from strengthening marketing programs through the engagement of social media platform. So our sales team can do a live virtual property tour towards sales agents and consumers. It is proven that our sales has recorded around AUS$ 63 million up to May 2020 which exceeding our previous expectations. Even, since 24 months ago, our two hotels, Skye Suites Parramatta and Skye Suites Sydney already have a virtual concierge service, which ended up being crowned as the Best Technology Hotel by the HM Awards for the last two years (2018 – 2019). And many of Skye Suites guests really love the feature. Here we can see clearly that technology and companies have become a unity which cannot be separated”said Iwan.

Iwan Sunito who was born in Surabaya and once spent his childhood in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, also revealed something else from the Covid-19 pandemic.”On the other hand, this is the time for all of us to re-connect with our community more than ever before. How can we reach out because we care while growing the spirit of togetherness again.How can we appreciate all the things that we have considered unimportant in our lives?. Re-establishing a tenuous relationship. At Crown Group, we are like a big family and many of our buyers are our closest circle. We encourage all of Crown Group employees, our friends and family to share photos of their daily activities at home through the Instagram with a #stayhomewithcrowngroup fence sign. For us, this togetherness is forever. It’s about how to protect our own property – our company, our employees, our customers and our tenants, “concluded Iwan Sunito. BW-05

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